“Graduate Courses Teaching in English” Program of Chang’an University Announcement

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In order to promote the internationalization of graduate education, and improve the level of internationalization of faculties, the university set up a "Graduate Courses Teaching in English" program. The course teaching adopts the mode of "Foreign professor + In-school professor". It is taught in English by Foreign professors, and the professors in school help to complete the teaching task. The course is open to all graduate students, and the credits of this course can be converted into academic activity credits(1 credit according to 20 credit hours), and the course results will be counted into the credits of graduate elective courses.

Course name: Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Course introduction: Advanced Manufacturing Technology is the floorboard of all sorts of modern Manufacturing Technology and animportant professional course in mechanical engineering. Its main contents include a new design and a control method, a new manufacturing technology, and new products, such as the management concept. It through the study of the basic principle of each part and specific case analysis, causing the student to understand the modern processing and manufacturing frontier technology and technological methods, master the characteristics of the modern design Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Technology and lay a good foundation for subsequent work.

Speaker: Ioan Marinescu

Introduction: professor Ioan Marinescu, director of the ultra-precision machining center at the University of Toledo, has long been committed to the ultra-precision machining process and material removal mechanism researchof hard and brittle materials. In particular, he has conducted in-depth and extensive research on the manufacturing process of hard and brittle materials.His work has been used by the U.S. military and major auto companies.Professor Ioan Marinescu has published dozens of monographs, among which "introduction to advanced ceramic processing" has been translated into Chinese by the national defense industry press and widely used in scientific research and teaching in related fields in China. Professor Ioan Marinescu has published hundreds of papers and cited over 1,000 times in the past five years.Professor Ioan Marinescu has received four honorary doctorates from several universities in Europe and Asia. He is honored as "Outstanding scientist" by the Japanese Institute of Physics and Chemistry.Ioan Marinescu was elected to the Fulbright Program in 2004. In addition, professor Ioan Marinescu has served as a committee member of ASME, SME, AMS, IDA, JSPE and other international societies.

Starting time:

September 2, 2019:5-8 PM —Advanced Manufacturing Technology Introduction

September 3, 2019:1-2 am, 5-6 PM —Precision Machining Process

September 4, 2019:3-4 am, 5-6 PM —Grinding, Lapping and Polishing

September 5, 2019:3-4 am, 7-8 PM—Additive Manufacturing Process

September 6, 2019:1-2 am, 5-6 PM—Non-traditional Manufacturing Process

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