The discipline originated from construction and highway construction machinery in 1952,was constructed in Xi’an Highway Institute which was a unique institution in Asian. It had right to confer master degree and doctor degree in 1986 and 1990, respectively. Its post-doctoral research station was built in 2003. It is one of the State 211 Project key development disciplines in China.

  1. The Orientations and Objectives

    Making full use of deep accumulation and advantages in construction machinery, commercial vehicles and highway transportation industry, following the cutting-edge of world technology, aiming at meet the national demand and forefront direction of development, the goal is to build domestic first-class mechanical engineering discipline with distinctive characteristics and disciplinary prestige national-wide.

  2. Advantages and Characteristics

a. Industry aspect

The discipline has strong background in construction machinery, commercial vehicle and highway transportation industry. It carries out three functions of training talents, developing scientific research, and serving to the society.

The rapid development in transportation, construction machinery and vehicle industry provides favorable development opportunity for the discipline. Since then, the discipline has seized the opportunity to scientifically develop and it has evolved into the biggest talents training, research and test base for construction machinery and commercial vehicle industry.

b. Research aspect

The discipline concentrates on integration of cutting-edge research, engineering technology research and demonstration application research and multi-disciplinary cross which include mechanical engineering and civil engineering. It takes the lead in research of dynamic performance of construction machinery and construction quality control. Several research directions have been formed as follows: the productivity theory of construction machinery, machine design theory of road machinery, matching performance of construction machinery, reliability of construction machinery, hydraulic transmission on construction machines, construction quality control.

c. Teaching staff aspect

The discipline owns a group of professors who become members of the expert group in government, enterprise , institutes and chairman or vice-chairman of national academic groupsuch as vice-chairman of the society of automotive engineers of China, chairman of hydraulic technology branch of China construction machinery society, vice-chairman of China construction machinery association road machinery branch, etc. The teaching staff has been formed in which the academic leaders are as the core and young and middle-aged teachers are as the backbone.

d. Platform aspect

  • The largest university-based construction machinery indoor soil testing bin in the world (length:110 m, width:8m, depth:2.5m )

  • The only university-based construction machinery and automobile testing ground in China(450 acres)

  • The only university-based national engineering laboratory for highway maintenance equipment

  • The only university-based key laboratory for road construction technology & equipment of ministry of education

  • The only university-based highway maintenance equipment and technology engineering research center of ministry of education

  • The only university-based national construction machinery virtual simulation experiment center

  • The only university-based road machinery testing Center(China Metrology Accreditation/China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment)

  • The only university-based journal of road machinery & construction mechanization

    e. Project aspect

    In recent four years, the discipline has accomplished more than 169 scientific research projects, including the national “863” key projects, the National Natural Science Foundation research projects and major projects of traffic construction in West China, etc. Its scientific research funds sum up to more than 81 million RMB. These projects have strong industry background, such as research on intelligentized construction machine group (“863” key projects) and research on fatigue reliability of construction machinery (the National Science-technology Support Plan Project).

    f. Achievement aspect

    The discipline has achieved a number of results, such as technology and equipment on automobile brake and ABS vehicle in multi cycle condition intelligent detection (National Grade II Prize of Science and Technology Progress), Research on the theory and equipment of concrete mixing (Shaanxi Grade II Prize of Science and Technology).

    g. Talent aspect

    The discipline vows to cultivate compounded talents, mainly in the fields of construction machinery, vehicle design, manufacture, use and service, maintenance. Some of the graduates have become leading figures in famous engineering machinery enterprises, such as Xiaogang Yi (the chief executive of SANY, academician candidates) and Xibin Liu (the vice-general manager of Shaanxi Heavy-duty Special Vehicle Co.Ltd).

  1. Talent training Objective

The discipline focus on cultivating a batch of talents who have outstanding ability, solid basic knowledge, innovative thinking active and international vision, mainly work in the field of transportation, construction machinery and vehicle engineering.

  1. Discipline Orientation Setting

The discipline has 7 second-level disciplines:

  • Mechanical design and theory: construction and driving theory of construction machinery, intelligent engineering robot.

  • Mechanical manufacturing and automation: digitization design and manufacture of the products, integration and automation of mechanical manufacturing systems.

  • Mechatronic engineering: mechanics-electronic-hydraulic integration of construction machinery, mechanical adaptive and intelligent control.

  • Vehicle engineering: intelligent vehicle, vehicle safety.

  • Construction machinery: quality control of construction machinery.

  • Mechanical materials: advanced wear resistant material and new material for construction machinery.

  • New energy vehicles and resourced engineering: the theory and technology of new energy vehicles.


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