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School of Construction Machinery (SCM) is one of the most characteristic schools in Chang’an University, and is the most famous institution of construction machinery. SCM leads technical progress of construction machinery industry, and promotes development of road construction equipment and technology. A dozen Chinese large construction machinery enterprises established scholarship at SCM, and many companies built industry-university-research cooperation with SCM. Currently, SCM has become the largest teaching, researching and testing base in the field of Chinese constructionmachinery.

SCM has more than 60-years history, is to build domestic first-class and international famous school with distinctive characteristics, and has cultivated more than ten thousand professional and technical talents including many famous experts and scholars. Alumni distribute in multiple industries such as road traffic, construction, machinery, military and education, and had made great contribution to national construction. Chinese construction machinery industry experienced difficult times of start, pursuit and acceleration, already enters the transcendence time, and has become a big country of world construction machinery, which provide more space for development ofSCM.

We are willing to cooperate with social circles to create a better tomorrow ofSCM!

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