Institutional setting

1.NationalEngineering Laboratory for HighwayMaintenanceEquipment

National Engineering Laboratory for Highway Maintenance Equipment was approved by National Development and Reform Commission. The laboratory was jointly organized by the Henan provincial highway maintenance high technology companies, Ministry of Transport Research Institute, Chang’an University and Xi’an Road Construction Machinery Co. Ltd. The goal is to build a world-class highway maintenance equipment industry technical innovation research and the production engineering transformation of innovation platform, a highway maintenance equipment industry leading equipment innovation and technology integration test base, a demonstration application of national highway maintenance equipment technology, a culture garden of international highway equipment research and development of advanced talents. National Engineering Laboratory for Highway Maintenance Equipment (Chang’an University) administers one office and eight research laboratories including highway maintenance equipment transmission research institute, highway maintenance equipment inspection and control research institute, traction dynamics research institute of highway maintenance equipment institute of structural strength of construction machinery, highway construction quality control research institute, institute of advanced concrete mixing theory and technology, institute of new material and new technology for highway maintenance, institute of road intelligent inspection and control and a road construction machinerytestcenter.


1. Research, design and verification of key technologies and key components of highway maintenance equipment.

2. The innovation for highway maintenance key equipmentintegratedtechnology.

3. Study and establishment of highway maintenance equipmentstandardsystem.

      2.National Virtual Simulation Experimental and Teaching Center ofConstructionMachinery

The National Virtual Simulation Experimental Teaching Center of Construction Machinery founded in June 2012 is one of the key construction laboratories of Chang’an University’s ”211 Project” and ”985 advantage discipline platform”. At present, there are 55 experimental teaching staff with an average age of 43, including 12 professors, 29 subtropical high titles, 14 intermediate titles and other technical title. Among them, 47 persons received doctor’s degree, 7 persons received master’s degree and other degrees. The center is nearly 1200 square meters and contains 1432 instruments and equipment, which totally worth more than 18 million RMB. In recent years, the center has achieved 6 provincial teaching prizes, 5 provincial educational reform projects, 5 provincial and higher science and technology awards, 46 invention patents and edited 17 teaching materials. The center consists of working principle, structure, control, disassembly virtual simulation rooms and virtual operating room of construction machinery, and hundreds of virtual simulation experiments can be setupaswell.

3.Key Laboratory of Road Construction Technology and Equipment, MinistryofEducation

The Key Laboratory of Road Construction Technology and Equipment, Ministry of Education was approved by the Ministry of Education in 2006. It relies on Chang’an University national key discipline of traffic and transportation engineering and the doctor station in mechanical engineering. The Key laboratory is unique in China that engaged in highway construction technology and construction and maintenance. It has made important contributions to the high-speed development of highway transportation and the technical progress of construction machinery industry inourcountry.

Laboratory general positioning: the main research directions are the road construction machinery traction dynamic, intelligent machinery and equipment for road construction, road construction machinery adaptive control technology, construction technology of expressway machinery, road construction machinery development and application of new materials, new energy vehicle development and energy saving, high speed highway maintenance technology, etc, and serving the modernization of highway transportation. The basic research for application such as traction dynamics in construction machinery, highway mechanical construction and maintenance technology, integration technology of mechanical engineering hydraulic engineering machinery, fatigue life and reliability of road construction machinery and new materials development and so on is at the leading domestic level. The Laboratory has the ability undertake major projects and international cooperation projects in the industry, and has become an important base of highway traffic industry and engineering machinery industry engaging in scientific research, personnel training, an important base for academic exchange and socialservices.

The laboratory has undertaken 361 research projects including the National 863 Project, National Science and Technology Support Program, the National Natural Foundation of China, international science and technology cooperation project of Ministry of science and technology, science and technology project of Western transportation construction, major scientific and technological innovation projects in Shanxi Province, with a total funding of 161 million RMB. The laboratory has obtained 29 science and technology awards, including 2 national science and technology progress awards, 4 provincial and ministerial level first awards, and11provincial and ministerial levelsecondawards.


1. Traction dynamics and optimum design of roadconstructionmachinery.

2. Mechanical and hydraulic integration technology of roadconstructionmachinery.

3. Highway mechanical construction andmaintenancetechnology.

4. Material properties and application technology ofengineeringmaterials.

5. Vehicle environmental protection technology and cleanenergyresearch.

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