Professor Ying Liu from Cardiff University visits school of construction machinery

Date:2019-12-18            Number of clicks:130            Author:Jingxiang LV

On the morning of December 11, 2019, Professor Ying Liu from School of Engineering, Cardiff University in the UK visited our school and had a discussion with our teachers and students. The meeting was chaired by Wu Zhao, the deputy dean of the school of construction machinery. Professor Jizhuang Hui, the director of human resources in Chang’an University and doctoral supervisor of the Department of Mechanical Manufacturing, associate professor Qingtao Liu, the deputy director of the Department of Mechanical Manufacturing, and Jingxiang Lv, who just returned after his visiting in the UK for a year and other young teacher representatives attended the meeting.

Professor Ying Liu

Deputy dean Wu Zhao gave a welcoming speech for the visit of Professor Ying Liu, and hoped that the two parties would take this opportunity to strengthen communication and exchanges in teaching, scientific research and personnel training. Qingtao Liu, deputy director of the Department of Mechanical Manufacturing, briefly introduced the development history of the school and the basic situation of the discipline construction, teachers, and personnel training.

Professor Ying Liu expressed his gratitude for the reception of our school. He briefly introduced the British culture and the advantageous disciplines of the School of Engineering in Cardiff University. He also discussed about the cutting-edge research direction, including cognitive science in intelligent manufacturing, prediction method for the remaining life of complex manufacturing equipment, and the development of future manufacturing systems with our faculties.

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