Teaching status of Artificial Intelligence at the university of Huddersfield

Date:2020-09-16            Number of clicks:33            Author:Lin Gao

 On September 14, Lecture Lin Gao made an academic report in Lecture Hall on the fourth floor at School of Construction Machinery. The report topic was Teaching status of Artificial Intelligence (postgraduate course) at the university of Huddersfield.

She briefly talked about the Comparison against COVID-19 between China and Britain from her experience in Britain firstly. Then she introduced the institutional setting and advantageous disciplines of the University of Huddersfield. Finally she introduced the postgraduate course Artificial Intelligence at the university of Huddersfield in detail. The main contents included nine aspects: Effective Research and Professional Practice; Autonomous and Autonomic Intelligent Systems; Data Mining; Knowledge Representation and Reasoning; Machine Learning; Case Studies in Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence; Robotics; Artificial Intelligence Planning; Individual Project.

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