Numerical simulation and Topology Optimization of PnC

Date:2020-09-18            Number of clicks:38            Author:Leilei Cao

On September 14, 2020, Dr. Leilei Cao gave a report on numerical simulation and topology optimization of Phononic crystals (PnC). 

Dr. Cao was supported by Chinese Scholarship Council, visited Department of Civil Engineering, School of Science and Technology, University of Siegen, Germany, from August 3, 2019 to July 31, 2020. She mainly engaged in periodic structure and its application in vibration reduction and noise reduction during the visiting study. 

Phononic crystals are periodic composite structures which have attracted more and more attention recently. It has band-gap property, which has been widely employed in various applications, such as noise control, vibration reduction, earthquake isolation, acoustic invisibility cloak. The report focused on band gap calculation of PnCs by meshless methods and topology optimization of PnCs. 

The report gave the students insight into the advanced acoustic artificial materials, helped students to gain a better understanding of the wave propagation phenomena in PnCs and have a general idea on the novel acoustic device design.

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