Configuration and modeling of digital twin-based cyber-physical production system

Date:2021-03-02            Number of clicks:10            Author:Kai Ding

Associate Prof. Kai Ding, Chang’an University

    On March 18, 2021, Dr. Kai Ding gave an academic report in the lecture hall at School of Construction Machinery. The topic was configuration and modeling of digital twin-based cyber-physical production system.

    Dr. Kai Ding was sponsored by the “Hong Kong Scholars” program to visit The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) for two years. In this report, Dr. Kai Ding firstly introduced the background of smart manufacturing, together with the current research directions of the Institute of Smart Manufacturing Systems (ISMS) in Chang’an University. Afterwards, he introduced the framework, operating logic, key enabling technologies of digital twin-based cyber-physical production system, especially the configuration and modeling work. Except for that, Dr. Kai Ding also showed some pictures on the living life in Hong Kong and introduced the research area and progress of PolyU. Finally, Dr. Kai Ding welcomed our students to visit PolyU in future.

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